Sunday, June 8, 2008

Winning Together...The Bejoy Peter Way.

On the morning of May 5,2008; as I was sitting nervously in a room mentally preparing for a public speaking program at the YMCA, I first saw him ...Mr. Bejoy Peter, purposefully entering the room with confidence & elegance that he only possesses.

The second he started talking eloquently, I was impressed. He made all of us, nervous wannabes comfortable in his presence and made us believe that we can indeed be excellent speakers. From that moment on, for the next 2 weeks everyone of us, students of the 112th batch of BPPS [Bejoy Peter Public Speaking Course], had a magical journey towards the land of public speaking under him through various innovative sessions coupled with many fun-filled activities. Besides, he thought us many other valuable lessons in life which will surely help me in the future.

His teaching style was refreshing to say the least and the best part is that he made us extremely proud of our speeches and also more importantly made us enjoy our batch mates successes too. I wish our educational system incorporated that feeling to us in our school and colleges. But I guess in this highly competitive world where everyone is involved in a rat race [as Bejoy Sir used to say], adopting a motto of "Winning Together" is too much to ask for.

The BPPS course was more than just a public speaking training to me, Bejoy sir focused on many other aspects of our life, giving individual attention to each one of us, sort of preparing us to meet life successfully [again another quality that i hope our educational system will adopt].

Aside from all the inputs I received from his teachings, I got much inspiration from his life story too. Despite numerous failures and criticism, he followed his dreams and eventually God made him stumble into the career of a trainer, at which he became much successful. After 113 batches in an illustrious journey spanning just over a decade, he is at the peak of his career and I genuinely believe he can guide many more students in the right path.

If all these weren't enough, he has started a Yahoo group in which all alumni can still ask for guidance and advice from him. More than just a trainer, he will be a friend to me and though i may never choose public speaking as a career option, in whatever career i may end up with, his principles will always be used by me.

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